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There are hundreds if not thousands of sub genres based around hip-hop. Many of them I welcome into my ears for a time and they leave like a fad forgotten about. It is hard these days to have the attention and even the time to dig through the amount of up and coming artists while still banging to the classics. Nonetheless the main source of it all, hip-hop, survives my attention. As of late, lo-fi beat making with samples of jazz and other whimsical sound layers stays on repeat; a sound reminiscent to the 90s ‘boom bap’ era. An era I will surely never lose love for.

When it came to fishguys3, I gravitated towards that lo-fi sound I love but most of the tracks I chose featured trap vocals and trap drums. In my opinion, this created a match made in heaven hybrid of two sub genres of hip-hop production. This kind of stuff is more like the fads I was talking about, for myself at least. It’s fun, it’s fast; it’s catchy and it grabs attention. It’s hard not to love, at least for a good while. There is also something about those over filtered vocals that reminded me of someone trying to speak under water, hence the direction of the sound and title 'trapped underwater'.

Now available for download on bacemint's vimeo, youtube, and my personal soundcloud ( Enjoy, and thank you for listening.