fishguys3 - Reid Menzer Park

941 Vander Ave, York, PA 17403

Last weekend we were unable to post a ‘fishguys3’ update because of a big snowstorm that hit the greater Philadelphia area. Dealing with cabin fever from being stuck inside and knowing this would be the second to last weekend before filming ends, everyone had more anticipation than usual to not only skate but also skate something half decent. Since the Reid Menzer Park out in York, PA is a destination we have all wanted to scratch off the hit list, we decided to make the 100 some mile trek on Saturday, (3.25.17).

Earlier in the week we were forecasted to expect late afternoon showers and temps in the upper 60’s, but to our dismay waking up at 6:00am would still not help our effort to beat the spring showers and crowds. When we arrived we couldn’t believe that not only were these Middle American, farm-hand yokels skateboarding and scootering, but they were also doing so while smoking menthol cigarettes, shirtless in 50-degree weather. Between the clouds of 2nd hand smoke and the god-awful noise that was created by 'System of a Down' blasting out of a portable stereo, the vibe was instantly white-trash.

To top it off the showers came early, soaking the park floor just enough to make it dangerously slippery. After realizing this the hard way, looking like Bambi on ice, we decided to patiently wait for it to dry up. By the time the floor dried and we were warmed up enough to start filming it was already early afternoon and teens were arriving by the dozens.

Situations like this aren’t conducive for skating let alone for filming. Although we had to deal with an over crowded park filled with scooter yielding meth babies shouting ‘fruitbooters’, we were still able to walk away with some footage for ‘fishguys3’, which btw is almost near completion.

Check out our Instagram to see some behind the scenes footage by SK and stay tuned for one last sneak peek leading up to the release of 'fishguys3'. This grand finale weekend will feature a special appearance from a person whom this project wouldn’t be right without. Can you guess who it is...?!!

Below are some pictures from the Reid Menzer Park session.