fishguys3 - LES Park

62 Pike St New York, NY 10002

When we caught word Andrew Nemiroski was going to be visiting NYC Saturday, (3.11.17), we knew instantly that we had to link up with the homie. Heavy snowfall from the day before and the prospect of having to face temperatures in the teens both brought initial doubts to everyone, but the opportunity to include Nemo in 'fishguys3' while visiting a park outside of our home turf outweighed the cons enough to get our butts out of bed and make the trek.

After considering multiple options the group decided to hit Manhattan's LES (Lower East Side) Park. The next decision we had to make was when we would leave, which, to the slight dismay of many, was well before sunrise. Dadchuk was granted the impossible task of scooping up fan-favorite and winner of 'The Big Break' contest, Anthony Marchione, at 4:30am. In the meantime, everyone else, (Alf, Sean, Colin, Jim McKenna, Matt Capacete, and artist extraordinaire Chase Foley), were gathering belongings, sipping coffee, and applying layer upon layer of clothing in order to brace themselves for the tundra that awaited.

Once we arrived, (around 8:30am), the reality of the situation set in immediately as everybody tried to get loose amidst numb toes and bloodshot eyes. Philadelphia native and New York transplant, Ed Braxton, was already at LES cruising around without a coat or hat, and Nemo showed up shortly thereafter.

Having the park to ourselves allowed us to adjust to the brutal cold, and by time the sun was shining directly overhead nearly everyone had begun accumulating clips. Pretty sure Sean laced three clips in less than ten minutes, setting the bar high for the rest of the crew who were still thawing out.

The seven hour session was succeeded by a group dinner at a pizza place a few blocks over, where slices, garlic knots, and even a beef patty were enjoyed along with the much needed warm kitchen air. It's remarkable how everyone has built a tolerance to these temperatures that have impeded us from leaving the house in years past. It's also remarkable how The Bustleton Boy burned out Colin's car battery while keeping warm at some point during the session, but that's another controversial discussion all in itself...

(S/o to SK for bargaining a parking spot for jumper cables to a mother-daughter duo.)

Check out our Instagram to see some behind the scenes footage shot by SK and stay tuned for more sneak peeks leading up to the release of 'fishguys3.'

Below are some pictures from the LES Park session.