fishguys3 - 7th Street Park

1180 E 7th St Wilmington, DE 19801

Saturday, (2.11.17), was Alf’s birthday so we put the ball in his court and had him pick which park we would visit. He chose to go to this DIY spot in Wilmington, Delaware, also referred to as ‘7thStreet Park’ by the locals.

Temperature-wise the day was beautiful, well above freezing. The only down fall was that we mistakenly left our wax at the Glasgow Park from last weekend. We did however manage to find the most minuscule crumb that ended up holding the squad down for the entire session.

On top of laying down some solid maneuvers, more birthday vibes were brought upon by Dadchuk, (who came through with a charcoal grill and hot dogs), and Colin, (who picked up a dozen birthday donuts from Dunkin). Sean supplied the heat by bringing charcoal, and Jim McKenna added to the mix with a plastic bag full of beers. Healthy living.

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Below are some pictures from the 7th Street Park session.