fishguys3 - Knight Park

202 Bannockburn Ave Ambler, PA 19002

Weather has been pretty awful this past week in the greater Philadelphia area. We were really hoping to have some updated 'fishguys3' content for last weekend, but lately it seems like if we’re not getting snowed out,

we’re getting rained out. What can you do, though? It is what it is.

On a more positive note, this Saturday’s (1.28.17) weather was manageable which allowed us to finally collect some new footy. In the early AM hours we dealt with some flurries and damp concrete but that was the extent of it. Sure it was cold, but everyone was so grateful to be outside getting some exercise after what felt like a week of non-stop rain. As the morning progressed into the afternoon, the sun decided to poke its face out and bless us with some much-appreciated rays. After 7 hours of being at the park, we felt more than satisfied with the session and all the productivity that came along with it.

Check out our Instagram to see some behind the scenes footage shot by Tyler Knight! He helped us out with the last one and is going to continue to be working closely with us to help with the behind-the-scene sneak peeks leading up to 'fishguys3,' so stay tuned.

Below are some pictures from the Knight Park session.