fishguys3 - McCreesh Park

6744 Regent St Philadelphia, PA 19142

Last weekend a few of us traveled out to FDR skate park in South Philly, and literally had our session iced due to the snowy weather that rolled in that morning. Although the temps in Philadelphia right now have been freezing, the desire to go out and skate is still burning strong. This Saturday's forecast called for snow during the afternoon, (1.14.17), but we were determined to get a few licks in at the park before the foul weather arrived.

Starting around 10:00am the boys started showing up to this little gem of a park out in West Philly called McCreesh. It was cold, around 33 degrees fahrenheit, but no one seemed to mind. Once you get moving and your body temp rises it’s not so bad. Overall, it ended up being a fun session and we were able to compile some footage for 'fishguys3' right before the snow started to come down heavy.

Check out our Instagram to see some behind the scenes footage shot by the good homie, Tyler Knight! We are really excited that he’s going to be working closely with us to help with the behind-the-scene sneak peeks leading up to 'fishguys3.'

Below are some pictures from the McCreesh Park session.